The Untime

Jules Gauthier is back, together with his bride Agathe (née Lamartine), and cranky old Professor Schneider.

Blending elements of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and H.P. Lovecraft, The Untime Revisited was originally published as a serial, and is now available as a paperback book, with a special offer from Inknbeans Press.


In Paris of the 1890s, an outbreak of nightmares leading to insanity leads Jules and Agathe to the horrifying conclusion that the monsters from the Untime which Jules battled in the past are now attempting to break through to our world.

There is only one answer – to revisit the Untime, and save humanity from these creatures.

But some surprises are in store for Jules and Agathe as they journey on their mission, accompanied by their friend Louis, making their way through the mysterious dimensionless and timeless state that is the Untime.

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The Untime and all characters therein are copyright © 2014, 2016 Hugh Ashton and Inknbeans Press