The Untime

The Untime; a mysterious and dangerous state, beyond our powers of conception.

In the Paris of the 1890s, Jules Gauthier, a young journalist, enters the Untime with its discoverer, Professor Lamartine. What they find there could be the end of our Universe as we know it.

When Lamartine  disappears mysteriously, Gauthier, together with Lamartine's daughter, Agathe, and Lamartine's rival, Professor Schneider,  must brave the terrors of the Untime, journeying through time and space.


In print now, and available from Amazons, etc. around the world.

From the Foreword by John Paul Catton, author of "Tales From Beyond Tomorrow!", "Moonlight, Murder & Machinery", and the YA trilogy "Sword, Mirror, Jewel".
The Untime Revisited is now available as a paperback. Click here for details.

The Untime and all characters therein are copyright © 2014, 2016 Hugh Ashton and Inknbeans Press